Saturday, June 9, 2012

Land Of Wind and Shade GO Launcher EX Theme

Fan theme based on the most awesome web comic ever crafted, Homestuck.

Based on "Land of Wind and Shade" (LOWAS).

Please rate the theme. Feel free to comment about how to improve the theme. Suggestions are welcome. We will try our best to acknowledge concerns as soon as we can.

New Themes Available:
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Other New Themes:
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More themes coming soon!

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Also, comment here for questions and problems.  Thanks. Don't forget to rate! ;)


  1. these themes arent on the play market anymore. is there an apk to download anywhere?

  2. Why can't I find this on the google play store anymore? or anywhere4 for that matter? I reeeeeeeaaaaallly want to download this!

  3. I would love these but I can't find them?