Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Act 5 Act 2 Progress, updates on some things

Act 5 Act 2

Currently working on Act 5 Act 2 now. changing the app model for this act because it's just too big to fit in one application. i mean just think about it, act 5 act 2 is freaking long. then there's a lot of flash animations, not to mention [S] Cascade. speaking of flashes, i tested them on my pc and some don't work by themselves, mostly the interactive ones (*sob*) but i have yet to actually test them on an android device so fingers crossed for that. i'll be moving some of the resources to downloadable content packages in the play store. based on the content at hand right now (not even complete yet), it could even reach up to 4 download packages (including the app itself). also, A LOT of rework needs to be done on this act specifically. These include:

1) MASSIVE content -  it has that so i'm gonna tweak the table of contents a bit
     *UPDATE: Approximately 260mb of content
2) Continuity - meaning the additional resource packages shouldn't be co-dependent (you should be able to read even if you haven't downloaded the other resources yet)
3) Content Optimization - (remember the parts where you had to hover over the banner to get some content or clicking the picture redirects you to a specific page?)

As much as possible, i want the experience of reading it offline to be similar, if not better, to how it is read on MSPA. so this may probably take me a long while to do.

Theme-making for Phonestuck

Ok i haven't posted a guide on how to make themes you can publish on the play store. sorry about that. really gonna write it one of these days.

Homestuck themes for GOLauncher

Yes, i know. i haven't been making them recently. but there are reasons why i haven't:

1) Been busy coding Phonestuck
2) Specifically for LOBAF - does sollux even have a fetch modus? i mean from what i remember he gets karkat's fetch modus at one point but before that i don't know so i might just make something up for this one
*side note - also gamzee. i mean how the f*** will i even do the miracle modus? lol
3) Lazy.

Those are perfectly legit reasons, especially the last one. but seriously, i will eventually finish making the themes for the trolls; it's just that by then no one's gonna still be using go launcher on their phone haha.

Other stuff

Updated Act 4 to v1.6.0 so there's that.

And...that's pretty much it. tumut


  1. I was going to ask about flash support, as I have Flash Player installed on my phone from the Play Store, but still can't view [S] pages in Phonestuck.

    However, I just found out that Adobe will prevent Flash from being installed on any new phones starting tomorrow, so it may be a moot point. In that case, do you have any plans for the lack of official Flash support? Maybe just a link to the page for all of them?

  2. crap really? what phone are you using? yeah i was actually thinking of compiling all the flash in one resource package so it'll serve more like an add-on.

    btw how will Adobe prevent flash from being installed? i mean i think it's not that hard to find an installer on the net. also yeah i was thinking of adding a link to the page for the flash part but i think it's redundant to have that and a "MSPA link" feature in the menu.

    1. After a bit more searching, they're going to disable installing directly from the Google Play store, but the installers will still work (and be available from their page), so it's not as dramatic as I had thought.

      As for my phone, it's a Samsung Galaxy S3 (I've also got an old Droid Incredible, I can try it on that to see if that works). When I view a flash page (let's say, the third page of Act 2 - when John enters the Medium for reals) I just get a white rectangle where the flash should be. I have "Adobe Flash Player 11" installed and updated on the Play Store. It works in the stock browser.

    2. ok i'll try to search for a fix. from what i read before, ics handles flash a bit differently so i'll look into it.