Friday, August 3, 2012

Phonestuck themes

Instead of porting all other versions at once and then changing everything again after when i make a drastic change, i decided to make most of my drastic changes now so it will all be like one big transition. Phonestuck themes have been implemented now. applications with versions 1.6.0 and above will be compatible with this theming convention. Phonestuck hivebent has been published right now to that very version so update and try it out.

The concept behind this is to:
1) improve the look of the ui (because it's kind of plain)
2) be able to read certain texts better (talking about mister white text guy)
3) put less data in the application itself.
4) give people the CHOICE to have or not have the theme.
5) let people make their own themes and publish them if they want

I'll be posting a guide to making themes for this eventually. it's actually pretty simple but requires the basic development tools for android to make. it's basically just changing the images in the folder and tweaking the color values in the themes.xml file. i'll try to post it soon for those who are interested.

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