Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Phonestuck: Mobile Homestuck Act 1

Read Homestuck On-the-Go!

Phonestuck: Mobile Homestuck is an offline mobile reader of the popular webcomic, Homestuck by the great Andrew Hussie. This app allows users to read homestuck on the fly: at work, at home, at school, on the john, and many more places!

No Internet Connection Required!

Finally read homestuck with little compromise[*], the way it's meant to be read. Gif images properly animate, flash animations properly play, and did i mention no internet?

Perfect for high resolution mobile phones and tablets. Try the new landscape mode where animations and text are shown side-by-side simultaneously! A fresh new way of reading homestuck. Tap the flash animation to show options for fullscreen!

Credits to Andrew Hussie and everyone who helped in creating the contents of Homestuck.

This is an optional[**] ad-supported app. Please read notes below for instructions on how to remove ads if you want.

Requires Android version 2.2(Froyo) and above with Adobe Flash.

Phonestuck: Mobile Homestuck Act 1 feature summary:
-offline images, flash animations, content
-dual-screen landscape mode
-start over (back to page 1)
-disable ads[**]

[*] text links not redirecting yet, will try to fix soon in the future
[**] this application is ad-supported. ads may be disabled by accessing Menu->Disable Ads for pre-honeycomb versions and ":3"->Disable Ads for Android 3.0 and above. disabling ads are limited to the app session itself. re-opening the app brings it back. just disable ads again if needed.

Download from Google Play here.


  1. It says the app does not exist in the Google Play store... :( really wish I could read Homestuck on my phone!

  2. Ack. Please. Add it back to Googleplay.


  4. No apps on google play