Friday, July 27, 2012

Play Store Issues..

Apparently, an error occurs when downloading act 2. i tried it out and got an error, something like "rpc:aec:0" thing. based on initial search about the problem, from what i know, it's a play store app problem, not the app publishing. there seems to be some bugs in the play store involving downloading or updating apps. you can search the net on how to fix it: uninstall update of play store, clear cache, reboot device, and if that doesn't work, remove your google account and sign it back in. i haven't tested the last method as of yet but all the others don't work for me.

You can look for more ways on how to fix it, wait for google to fix it, or just download the app from the Play Store on the web. I tested this earlier and it works. A bit inconvenient but well worth it if you really want to download it.

I'll continue to look for ways to fix it, but for now, stick to the methods above.:D

Btw, here is one of my sources on how to fix play store

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