Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Refurbishing previous themes and Update schedule

About Refurbishing:

LOWAS and LOHAC have been updated to version 1.5, changing the icon set of both. hopefully not too many are displeased with the change, specifically LOWAS: it looked a bit cluttered to me sorry. Also thinking about refurbishing other themes. don't worry, nothing much will change from them since i can't really think much on how to improve them. i'll mostly just change the image file types and change a few tab icons for a cleaner look.

About Update schedule:

you may have noticed i haven't been publishing new themes recently. this is due to real life issues and stuff i need to take care of for a while: specifically school and thesis stuff. i'll probably be done with it near the end of the month so expect new themes to come up near the end of July. also thinking about making an actual application for a change. i already have a few concept ideas, just need to figure out HOW to actually make them. i already have a basic knowledge in android development and hopefully java skills from school will help. just have to get off my lazy butt and code it. also having a problem with SELLING applications. i can't sell apps yet in my country. don't get me wrong, i love how i'm making homestuck themes and stuff for free, but i really want to try getting some revenue from this. well enough about that.

next theme will be Land of Brains and Fire (Sollux)

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