Thursday, July 26, 2012

Problems in publishing Act 2

ran into some problems while fixing the app for act 2.

first problem was about the images that resided in the text content. couldn't really do much to fix it, i'll continue to look for a better way. there were only about 2 pages of this so no biggy for now, as of act 2.

another problem was that some flash animations required internet access and therefore wouldn't load right in the application. again, only around 2 or 3 pages affected. to these problems, i made a work-around by letting people access the page itself through the menu. it's not a real fix and certainly beats the purpose of the app but as of now, it's the only solution i could think of. but i guarantee less than 5 pages look a bit off and fewer than that are really necessary for viewing online.

then came the application size. yes it's big, but what would you expect from a full act? problem with this was i had to re-publish the app due to google not allowing single apps to have a file size of over 50mb. i had to develop a compression scheme to shrink the app down to less than 50mb WITHOUT removing flash animations(except for those that won't work due to internet requirements), because that would really suck.

so bottom line, i just finished publishing act 2 so it might come up at a later time today.

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