Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update: Phonestuck Act 1 v1.2.1

-New menu items
*Table of Contents - Easy navigation to any page of the Act 
*Go to page - Go Directly to a Page by typing the page number(seen in table of contents)
*MSPA Link - some flash animations require internet as well as some elements of the page are not well presented in the app. in these cases, use MSPA Link to redirect to the actual page in your browser
 *Rate the app - well..whatever
-Direct Transition/Market Download: Transition from one Act to another
-minor code fixes 


  1. Can't get flash wrking. I've installed adobe flash pugin recently

  2. what android version are you using? do you have an alternative browser like dolphin hd? try downloading if not. not really sure about the problem

  3. I'm pretty sure it's long dead project but I'll still try to ask.
    Anyone have tips how to get flash cards with (S) working?
    I tried to download and instal adobe flash player but newest android stopped supporting it. I also tried to have dolphin (but i really dont see how it would help).